Artist: Marion Bonnefoy       Made with Director

Fell in the landscape (2006)

My project began when I arrived in USA as an exchange student from France. I tried to keep a link between Aix and Chicago, my new home. In Fell in the landscape, climate data transforms into pictures and sound. In this work, I take temperature readings daily for both Chicago and Aix. With this data, I created graphs. These graphs are the focus of the piece. In this work, I used the 12 standard colors of the online weather forecasts. I designed a simple rule to design the graphs:

1 day = 1 color = 1 sound

Color was determined by temperature. For example, blue is shown when the weather is cold—red when it's hot. Now, I have 70 monochrome drawings, and 70 sounds. Sometimes, the weather is the same in both places. In the monochromes there are blacks lines. These lines represent the weather itself. The number of the line changes if it's cloudy, rainy, or sunny. For the sound, it's only the re-transcription on the keyboard to represent the daily temperature. The lowest key is used for the coldest temperatures; the highest key for the hot.

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