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Click and Move the Mouse to Make a Doodle

Artist: Matt Nelson        Source code: Doodle         Built with Processing

Collaborative Computer Generated Continuous Line Wall Doodle

In Collaborative Computer Generated Continuous Line Wall Doodle (2006), my intentions were to create a set of rules for drawing that could only be executed with participation from the viewer. The art experience is the collaborative interaction that takes place between the participants as they create the wall doodle.

All software art directly engages questions of control. Are artists working within this medium in control over their creative process, or are they controlled by digital tool sets? What about artist that are using program languages as tool sets? CCGCLWD, playfully addresses these questions and more:

How has my code limited what participants can actually draw on-screen?

How do participants take control away from the artist?

Who or what is controlling the structure of the wall drawing?


   All artwork copyright 2006, SAIC, Art Institute of Chicago site design by Seth Hunter