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Equip your center to lead in liver disease care

Position your practice as a market leader

Capitalize on new MRI business with LiverMultiScan & MRCP+

Seamless integration and quick scans to maximize efficiency

Gain higher level access to a wide variety of physicians and referrer groups

Give your radiologists a more comprehensive, quantitative view of liver health with cutting edge imaging technologies


  • Multi-dimensional insight of tissue health from a single scan

  • Highly repeatable and reproducible

  • No capital equipment purchase

  • Standardized metrics across multiple MRI vendors and field strengths

  • Rapid acquisition

  • Provides quantitative results

Hepatobiliary Imaging Suite

Our Non-invasive Diagnostic Products


LiverMultiScan® is a diagnostic aid for liver disorders that uses multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to quantify liver tissue. LiverMultiScan is non-invasive and characterizes liver tissue by providing quantitative measures of liver fat, and correlates of iron, fibrosis and inflammation.

Use LiverMultiScan to assess patients with diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity and fatty liver who are at risk of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), as well as patients with any disease-causing liver inflammation. With LiverMultiScan, radiologists can leverage existing MR infrastructure to service the growing market of obesity-linked chronic liver disease.

  • Robust & precise metrics shown to correlate to liver biopsy
  • Accurate, sensitive and highly repeatable test
  • Non-invasive with patient-friendly reports
  • Be prepared for the NASH epidemic
Explore data proving LiverMultiScan has superiority over Fibroscan in predicting clinical outcomes


MRCP+ is a quantitative pancreatobiliary imaging tool which uses computational techniques to assess MRCP images. MRCP+ is non-invasive and assesses biliary health by automatically detecting changes in bile ducts such as strictures and dilatations.

Use MRCP+ to assess the biliary system and pancreatic ducts of patients with hepatobiliary diseases such as primary sclerosing cholangitis, primary biliary cholangitis, NS cholangitis. With MRCP+, Radiologists can enhance the data from conventional MRCP without needing to inject contrast agent, enabling 3D visualization of ducts.

  • Objective, quantitative analysis of the biliary tree and pancreatic duct
  • Safe, non-invasive and no contrast agent needed
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“As an early adopter of this technology, offering LiverMultiScan and MRCP+ puts us head and shoulders above everyone else. It shows that we are a center that invest in providing better solutions for our community.”

Humberto Carrion, 3T Radiology & Research


• Immediate cash positive service

• Generate new revenue from clinical trials

• Create new referral patterns

• Manage costs in a value-based health care system

Ease of use

• Non-contrast, non-invasive

• Referrer- and patient-friendly report

• Standardized metrics across multiple MRI vendors and field strengths


• Confidently scan patients of all body types

• Improve patient management

• See early signals of treatment effectiveness

• Highly repeatable and reproducible


• Uses a cloud-based application to facilitate secure transfer of images

• Intuitive presentation of data saving you time

A seamless process to support your practice

We receive raw images acquired by our trained imaging centers and post-process them using proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

All images are checked for quality, and every report undergoes a review process prior to return. Our Perspectum Portal provides a single platform for access to data and results.

See how Perspectum can enable you to lead in liver disease care