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Beat the disease as one, then get normal business going.

March 24, 2020

From Wednesday 11th March all Perspectum employees in all four offices (Singapore, Oxford, Dallas, San Francisco) have been working from home.

For a software-based technology and science company, human capital and knowledge are the greatest assets, and it makes no sense to risk these with poor planning.

To date, no Perspectum employees have been affected, that we know of, although some have self-isolated as a protective measure.

Our Singapore office was the first to take precautions, back in February, and the public health measures in Singapore have successfully contained spread. These included mandatory working from home, the closure of schools, and isolation for all suspected cases.

The spread of the virus to Europe and now the United States merits protective measures now amongst all our staff. The UK has been poor, both in clear public health messaging, and in taking the risk seriously, especially in London.

What should businesses and people be doing?

  • Work from home. Our offices are no longer safe places to work, so we have to minimise non-essential presence to reduce the chance of person-to-person spread.  For operating virtually – there are plenty of tools to help us communicate.
  • All non-essential travel must stop. If you are considering the definition of essential, ask whether the trip is worth you dying.
  • Monitor the situation closely, and try and support employees as the situation progresses. Food supply and keeping people engaged and mentally healthy are areas where businesses can help to support employees.
  • Support local and national efforts to manage Coronavirus. Hospitals will be busier than they have ever been, with dangerous working conditions and high risks of infection.

This disease is going to exert a terrible toll, but individuals can keep themselves safe by staying indoors. Also, chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine with azithromycin look very promising from early trial results in China and France, so frontline medics may soon have a treatment to keep patients off ventilators. A national trial of treatments for Covid, called RECOVERY, has started, and will add chloroquine as an arm shortly. We will have the answers as to whether these treatments work in the coming weeks, but we need to protect ourselves for that time.

Stay safe, keep well!

— Rajarshi Banerjee, CEO