New paediatric study into LiverMultiScan now recruiting healthy volunteers

July 16, 2018

MRI Scanner

New Study Open for LiverMultiScan™ - Are you eligible?

Perspectum Diagnostics has opened a new LiverMultiScan study for children and young people. Please see the Q & A below for more information on this opportunity.

Can I be involved?

If you are aged 6-18 years old, are in good health and are willing to travel to Southampton for a study session, you may be eligible to take part.

What does the study involve?

This study aims to find out whether multi-parametric MRI imaging of the liver gives the same results when it is repeated on the same person after a short break and when it is performed on the same person in different MRI scanners.

The study will involve having four, 10 minute MRI scans. The entire study visit should take no longer than 2 hours. Participants will be asked not to eat or drink anything for 4 hours before the scans.

What is LiverMultiScan?

LiverMultiScan is a piece of software which analyses standard MRI images of the liver and produces parametric maps of liver tissue characteristics. It can quantify the amount of fat within the liver. It also quantifies other measures which correlate to levels of iron, inflammation and fibrosis within the liver.

Is there any benefit to me for taking part?

You will receive a £25 Amazon voucher as a thank you for taking part. Your travel expenses will be covered in full, including a night over in a hotel for you and a parent/carer if needed. You would also be helping in an important piece of research into a non-invasive diagnostic tool for assessing the health of the liver in children and young people.

How do I get more information?

Please contact Hayley Simpson at Perspectum Diagnostics at or call 01865 655343

Please click the following links to read the appropriate information leaflets:

Ages 6-9 years

Ages 10-15 years

Ages 16-18 years

For parents

For more information about LiverMultiScan please click here.