MRCP Clinical Application Analyst

Dallas, TX, USA

The Role

MRCP Clinical Application Analyst is responsible for performing quality assessment and quantitative analysis of MRCP images by using MRCP+, a medical device which post-processes conventional MRCP images providing enhanced and fully quantitative biliary analysis.

MRCP Analysts are also responsible for the implementation of service quality checks, troubleshooting data quality issues and feeding into the worldwide delivery of Perspectum's services.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Perform quality assessment and analysis of MRCP images.
  • Deliver quantitative analysis reports within Perspectum’s Quality Management System in a due turnaround time
  • Manage customer accounts.
  • Train radiographers/MRI technicians on MRCP+ for patient MRI acquisitions and data processing Troubleshoot data quality issues
  • Maintain and update written documents
  • Drive continuous improvement and innovation into data processing and patient scanning workflows.
  • Work closely with MR applications, MR physicists, product and service managers, and image scientists to develop new clinical applications.
  • Represent the company at international conferences and trade shows.

Knowledge and Skills: Required

  • Degree in Radiography or its equivalent
  • Substantial experience in clinical MRI.
  • Understanding of current trends, developments, and products in MRI.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Excellent numerical skills, e.g. knowledge of basic statistics
  • Ability to produce deliverables within a fast paced, practical environment Proactive approach to problem solving.
  • Fluency in English language.

Knowledge and Skills: Desired

  • Experience with more than one MRI manufacturer.
  • Experience with MRCP acquisitions.
  • Experience with abdominal MR (research, acquisition, and/or post processing).

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