Software Engineering Lead

Oxford, UK.


As a Software Engineering Lead, you will be first and foremost, a developer and retain a keen interest in the software development profession. Your day to day role will be working directly alongside your direct reports and peers delivering features and product enhancements as part of a small, self-forming team. You will have line management responsibilities for 3-6 individuals. In your role as a manager, you will act as a coach and mentor to your direct reports helping them learn and grow as individuals, both in their technical and non-technical skills. Your role is not to allocate tasks, report progress or manage a backlog as we have other roles in the organisation to do this, it is to be a developer and to help grow and develop others to be better developers. 


Our approach to development at Perspectum is based on core principle of empowerment and ownership residing with the individuals tasked to deliver a given feature. We want and encourage our developers to be creative in problem solving, to pick up activities and languages which are outside of their current skillset and in doing so we’ll support you when the inevitable bump in the road is encountered.


Our technology estate is a combination of Python, C++ and JavaScript with a mixture of AWS services and capabilities included. You’ll need to be passionate about one of these technologies and a keen interest in picking up our stack to join the team.



  • Implement software code in a language applicable to the application in question 
  • Critically review and take part in code reviews as required and proactively 
  • Attend design reviews and actively contribute with the aim of improving the quality of the proposal put forward 
  • Contribute to design reviews in an authoritive position with approval rights 
  • Keep up to date with advances in software development through team discussion meetings and appropriate personal training 
  • Guide and support the team in the direction of their application development skills 
  • Contribute to planning activities by providing appropriate estimation and complexity insights into features request 
  • Collaborate with product management and Software Quality Assurance teams on product development 
  • Strengthen the interfaces with other Groups in Perspectum 
  • Contribute to the management of the Group 
  • Be responsible for alignment of each individual's work to the Company's objectives, product road maps and research projects 
  • Carry out appraisals and deliver feedback to each individual member of the Group 


Skills and Requirements: Essential

  • Solid grounding in software development within a commercial environment 
  • Experience of test automation and its use in building scalable and robust software platforms 
  • Strong appreciation of enterprise design patterns and their application in software development 
  • Evidence of an interest in the application of computer science 
  • Good oral and written communication skills 
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team 
  • Good organisational skills 
  • Experience of loosely coupled architectures and enterprise development 
  • Experience with cloud computing 
  • Supervision/management of technical staff in an industry context 
  • Experience of matrix management environments and influencing across team boarders 
  • Track record of working on collaborative projects in which cross team or organisation integrations have been essential 

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