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Dr Catherine Kelly

Chief Informatics Officer and Clinical Services Co-Lead

Dr. Cat Kelly is the Chief Informatics Officer, responsible for global delivery of Perspectum's Clinical Services through strategic partnerships and internal resource. 

She has a unique understanding of both operational and commercial challenges in delivering medical software and was responsible for Perspectum's first OEM distribution with GE Healthcare. Cat developed Perspectum’s flagship product LiverMultiScan, prior to founding the Quantitative Analysis Service through which Perspectum's products are delivered. 

Cat is responsible for the strategic vision for APAC, with a focus on Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China.

Cat brings over 20 years of industrial and academic experience in the biomedical space. Prior to joining Perspectum, she worked in an in silico drug design start-up and was a lecturer at the University of Oxford. She holds degrees in Biology and Bioinformatics and a DPhil in Medical Imaging from the Department of Engineering at the University of Oxford.