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Dr Rajarshi Banerjee

Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Board Member

Rajarshi Banerjee is the CEO of Perspectum, which he co-founded in 2012. The company currently employs 180 people in Oxford, Singapore, Dallas, and San Francisco. He graduated in medicine from the University of Oxford and went on to complete a Masters in Public Health at the  London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, before returning to Oxford, for his doctorate. He developed the magnetic resonance imaging techniques for rapid non-invasive liver assessment in Oxford and commercialised the method as LiverMultiScan, which is now FDA cleared and used in over 350 sites.

He has many years of experience in running clinical trials and working in multidisciplinary scientific teams to develop applications for cutting-edge imaging technology and is a keen advocate of smart trial design.

Dr. Banerjee continues to work as a Consultant Physician with Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, with research into the phenotyping of liver disease at an individual and population level in adults and children.