Smart Imaging for Accelerated Cholestatic Liver Disease Trials

Cholestatic Liver Disease

Optimize day-to-day operations, navigate unforeseen complexities, and ensure regulatory compliance by leveraging our deep therapeutic knowledge and proven expertise in drug and biomarker development for cholestatic liver disease, including primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) and primary biliary cholangitis (PBC).

Quantitative Imaging Tools

Our extensive range of quantitative imaging tools delivered via a central imaging service provide a more comprehensive assessment of liver tissue for more objective and informed decision-making.


Quantitatively monitor changes in liver parenchyma inflammation and fibrosis throughout your clinical trial with our proprietary cT1 biomarker. (1,2,3)

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Get precision insight into small changes in biliary tree and individual bile duct metrics with 3D biliary tree mapping and quantitative duct assessment. (4)

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Digital Pathology

Streamline pathology services, improve accuracy and reduce variability of traditional reads with our objective, AI-driven scoring systems for key markers of liver disease.

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Clinical Research Opportunity

Optimize every step of your clinical trial with our smart imaging tools for more accurate participant screening, improved trial enrichment, and enhanced monitoring of  cholestatic liver disease clinical trials.5-8

MRCP+ and LiverMultiScan metrics are accurate, reproducible, and are standardized across MRI scanners for more robust and reliable data collection across multiple scanners and sites.4,9

Enhanced Screening, Enrichment, & Monitoring

Discover how our quantitative imaging tools can enhance the screening, enrichment, and monitoring capabilities of your clinical trials.

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Central Imaging Services

We receive raw images acquired by highly qualified and well-trained imaging centers. All images are checked for quality, and every report undergoes a review process prior to return.

All images are uploaded to our secure, ISO 27001 and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant Perspectum Portal making study data and results available on a single platform with customizable access permissions.

Global Imaging Center Network

Accelerate trial enrollment by taking advantage of our 300+ scanner global imaging center network to help quickly locate qualified cholestatic liver disease patients from around the world.

Our dedicated team of clinical project managers ensure new sites are ready to start screening participants as soon as possible by rapidly assessing feasibility and effectively training MRI technicians.


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These products and services are for investigational use only.