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Smart Imaging for Accelerated Oncology Trials

Clinical Oncology Trials

Integrated analysis of our non-invasive, multi-organ & tumour characterisation software, digital pathology, and next-generation sequencing enable a deeper and more rapid analysis of both cancer and patient.

Advanced 3D medical imaging software

Revolutionizing clinical oncology trials by making measurements more standardized, quantitative, and reproducible. Allowing sponsors to better characterize the disease burden and monitor tumor progression.


✔ Volume


✔ Location


✔ Activity


Diameter 53.13mm

T1 Median: 1360ms

Volume: 53.820ml

Multi-Organ Characterisation

Comprehensive Patient Health

Expert central reads of quantitative metrics for:
Liver, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, heart, aorta, biliary tree, colon, body composition, and bone mineral density

Imaging Technologies include:
MRI, computerised tomography (CT) scans, positron emission tomography (PET) scans, DXA, endoscopy, and digital pathology.


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Enhanced Screening & Monitoring

Our best-in-class medical imaging biomarkers help sponsors better identify patients for enrollment, more accurately detect early efficacy signals, and quantitatively monitor patient safety.

By leveraging our proprietary biomarker, cT1, sponsors can gain additional insight into patient health including enhanced monitoring of the peri-tumoral and distal parenchymal health as a response to treatment.

Central Imaging Service

We receive raw images acquired by our trained imaging centers and analyse them using proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

All images are checked for quality, and every report undergoes a review process prior to return. Our Perspectum Portal performs a single platform for access to data and results.


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