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The multiparametric MRI technology underpinning LiverMultiScan® was first published in two landmark papers from the University of Oxford, highlighting the utility for non-invasive diagnosis and staging of liver disease (Banerjee, R. et al. 2014-J. Hepatol) and prediction of clinical outcomes in patients with chronic liver disease (Pavlides, 2016-J. Hepatol.). Subsequent publications have demonstrated utility in fatty liver disease (Pavlides, 2016-Liver Int., Wilman, 2017, Eddowes, 2018) along with cost-effectiveness when incorporated into a clinical pathway (Blake, 2016).

In earlier posted publications there is mention of a LIF score which is a composite measure based on cT1, a metric provided by LiverMultiScan. LIF is a mapping of cT1 onto a 0-4 scale. cT1 has replaced LIF as the preferred metric for representing iron-corrected relaxation time of liver tissue. It is a direct metric shown to correlate with fibro-inflammation of liver tissue.

More of our publications are listed below.

Serum Matrix Metalloproteinase 7 Is a Diagnostic Biomarker of Biliary Injury and Fibrosis in Pediatric Autoimmune Liver Disease

Author: Simon Lam, Ruchi Singh, Jonathan R. Dillman, Andrew T. Trout, Suraj D. Serai, Divya Sharma, Rachel Sheridan, Weizhe Su, Lin Fei, Rebekah Karns, Marija M. Haramija, Ged Ridgway, Marc Goldfinger, James E. Squires, Lee A. Denson, Jeffery S. Hyams and Alexander G. Miethke

Journal: Hepatology Communications
Publication Year: 2020
Volume/Issue: 4(11)
Pages: 1680 - 1693

Comparison of liver T1 relaxation times without and with iron correction in pediatric autoimmune liver disease

Author: Dillman, J. R., Serai, S. D., Miethke, A. G., Singh, R., Tkach, J. A., Trout, A. T.

Journal: Pediatric Radiology
Publication Year: 2020
Volume/Issue: 50(7)
Pages: 935–942.

Relationship between magnetic resonance imaging spleen T1 relaxation and other radiologic and clinical biomarkers of liver fibrosis in children and young adults with autoimmune liver disease.

Author: Dillman, J.R., Tkach, J.A., Gandhi, D., Singh, R., Miethke, A.G, Jayaswal, A., Trout, A.T.

Journal: Abdominal Radiology
Publication Year: 2020
Volume/Issue: 45(11)
Pages: 3709–3715

Quantitative MRCP Imaging: Accuracy, Repeatability, Reproducibility, and Cohort-Derived Normative Ranges

Author: Goldfinger, M.H., Ridgway, G.R., Ferreira, C., Langford, C.R., Cheng, L., Kazimianec, A., Borghetto, A., Wright, T.G., Woodward, G., Hassanali, N., Nicholls, R.C., Simpson, H., Waddell, T., Vikal, S., Mavar, M., Rymell, S., Wigley, I., Jacobs, J., Kelly, M., Banerjee, R. and Brady, J.M.

Journal: Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Publication Year: 2020
Volume/Issue: 52(3)
Pages: 807–820

Differentiating pediatric autoimmune liver diseases by quantitative magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography

Author: Gilligan, L.A., Trout, A.T., Lam, S., Singh, R., Tkach, J.A., Serai, S.D., Miethke, A.G., Dilman, J.R.

Journal: Abdominal Radiology
Publication Year: 2020
Volume/Issue: 45(1)
Pages: 168-176

Diagnostic performance of quantitative magnetic resonance imaging biomarkers for predicting portal hypertension in children and young adults with autoimmune liver disease.

Author: Jonathan R. Dillman, Suraj D. Serai, Andrew T. Trout, Ruchi Singh, Jean A. Tkach, Amy E. Taylor, Burns C. Blaxall, Lin Fei & Alexander G. Miethke

Journal: Radiology
Publication Year: 2019
Volume/Issue: 49(3)
Pages: 332-341

Stratification of biliary disease with quantitative MRCP (MRCP+)

Author: Woodward, G., Mavar, M., Ridgway, G., Halberstadt, M., McKay, A., Kelly, M., Neubauer, S., Brady, M., Banerjee, R. 

Journal: Hepatology
Publication Year: 2018
Volume/Issue: Volume 68, Issue 1
Pages: 1111 Abstract 1952

Multi-parametric MRI imaging in a heterogeneous liver disease: cross-sectional evaluation of a cohort of patients with PSC

Author: Arndtz K, Hodson J, Eddowes P, Kelly M, Dennis A, Fiore M, Green D, Banerjee R, Neubauer S, Hirschfield GM

Journal: Hepatology
Publication Year: 2018
Volume/Issue: Volume 68, Issue 1
Pages: 1090 Abstract 1917

Matrix Metalloproteinase 7 (MMP7) as a Biomarker of Sclerosing Cholangitis in Pediatric Autoimmune Liver Disease

Author: Lam, S., Singh, R., Dillman, J.R., Serai, S.D., Trout, A.T., Sheridan, R., Sharma, D., Su, W., Blaxall, B.C., Haramija, M.M., Ridgway, G., Woodward, G., Miethke, A.J.

Journal: Hepatology
Publication Year: 2018
Volume/Issue: Volume 68
Pages: 115 Abstract 183