LiverMultiScan Example Report


LiverMultiScan® is a diagnostic aid for liver disorders that uses multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to quantify liver tissue. LiverMultiScan is non-invasive and characterizes liver tissue by providing quantitative measures of liver fat, and correlates of iron, fibrosis and inflammation.

LiverMultiScan is FDA 510(k) cleared in the U.S. and CE marked by notified body BSI 2797 in Europe to aid clinicians in the diagnosis of liver disorders and abnormalities. It can be used as part of the diagnostic pathway for patients. LiverMultiScan is delivered as a service and does not require any additional hardware installation and is standardized across manufacturers and field strengths.




















IDEAL Patent: US 7,202,665; JP 5196408; EP 2008118 (DE,NL); US 8,527,031; US 7,924,003